City Tour Packages

Our city tour packages in Uganda offer a diverse range of activities for travelers, including visits to the Botanical Garden Entebbe, the Reptile Village, Fishing Land Sites, local markets and craft villages, as well as local cooking classes and bicycle cycling activities. In Kampala, guests can explore the busy downtown area, visit historical sites such as the Buganda Kingdom Palace and Tombs, Cathedrals, and the Gadhafi Mosque, and learn about the country’s past through visits to the Uganda Martyrs Shrines, Independence Monument, and Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers. In Jinja, visitors can experience the Mabira Forest, the source of the largest River Nile, Sezibwa Falls, and adrenaline-pumping activities such as river Nile rafting and bungee jumping

Entebbe City Tour

Enjoy Entebbe City’s adventurous and cultural activities by viewing hundreds of bird species at the Botanical Gardens, and cap it with a visit to the Reptile Village and Fishing Land Sites before heading to local markets and craft villages. Take Uganda’s delicious cuisine cooking lessons on prior arrangement and cap it with a bicycle cycling activity to explore the beautiful scenery of Uganda’s cities and countryside.

Kampala City Tour

The Kampala City Tour is an essential experience for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in Uganda’s rich history and culture. The tour includes visits to the Buganda Kingdom Palace and Tombs, Cathedrals, Gadhafi Mosque, and the Major Fruits and Food Ugandan Market. Guests get to explore historical landmarks such as the Uganda Martyrs Shrines, Independence Monument, and Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers. The tours offer a great opportunity to explore the bustling downtown area and learn about Uganda’s vibrant culture

The Amazing Jinja

Jinja City is vibrant and beautifully rich with the oldest industrial history and oldest factories in Uganda. You’ll be amazed by the lush greenery and the peaceful atmosphere of Mabira Forest, a beautiful natural reserve and home to an incredible array of flora and fauna just outside Jinja. Be awed by the sheer size and power of the source of the largest and longest River Nile, home to Sezibwa Falls, a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall located just a short distance from Jinja, home to the thrilling water rafting and bungee jumping designed to let you touch the waters of River Nile as you fall from suspended grounds.