About Us

We are your Genuine & Trusted Travel Partner offering a breathtaking lifetime Safari Experience in the Pearl of Africa Uganda.


Our team of highly skilled travel specialists and consultants are based throughout the Pearl of Africa where they have been living and working for many years in safari operating experience across the country.

How we Operate

At Way to Wild Safaris, we understand that the guide plays a crucial role in creating an exceptional safari experience. Our guides are unparalleled in their knowledge, sensitivity, and good humor, making them essential for a successful Uganda tour. We are committed to creating a new generation of conservationists and finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict. We prioritize ethical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable practices to minimize our impact on the environment. We offer airport pickups and drop-offs in comfortable cars, and our vehicle fleet includes customized 4×4 Land Cruisers designed to navigate challenging road conditions.


We gathered resources to offer customers packages that will leave with a memorable experience. Your safari will be 100% tailor-made, designed to suit the best ethos, your personal interests as well as your budget. We do not take you on one of ‘our safaris’; instead you will be the one creating the perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists. With our experience and expertise we will guide you and give you the needful advice where requested


We are trusted company started operating 7 Years ago and we are located in Entebbe town. However, our target is to go beyond traditional systems to offer service focused on adventure and relaxation and safe.

Hotel Reservations

We carefully select hotels and safari lodges and camps that have a comprehensive sustainability policy and ensure as minimal an impact as possible on the environment with affordable prices to fit everyone’s budget.